Photograph: Matt Elliott

Photograph: Matt Elliott

Undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions leading up to your wedding day is to choose who is going to doing the marrying. This person is not only responsible for making it legal, it's good to remember they will turn up in quite a few of your wedding photos. Their personality and style will have an impact on your wedding day - hopefully for the best! 

There are thousands of celebrants, so how on earth do you choose the right one? My two cents worth is to choose a celebrant who makes you feel comfortable, happy and excited. A great celebrant will exude confidence and easily handle stress, while making everyone feel at ease and in the mood for some serious celebrating. Oh and a celebrant who shares some of the same values that you do is a great place to start!

My husband and I were super lucky when we married because my dad is a celebrant. He's so relaxed, down to earth and happy - our choice was dead easy. You might be just as fortunate to have a family member or a friend who is a celebrant. But if not, find one that rocks your boat and get to know each over coffee (or wine!) and pretty soon you'll all be feeling the love together. 

Go on, start the great celebrant hunt, all you crazy lovebirds out there!