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Thanks a million for taking the time to answer a few questions about my celebrant service. I really do appreciate it. Your feedback will help me develop and improve my service as a celebrant. Awesome! 

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Client Feedback
Client Feedback
Please select a response to the following questions:
1. We were happy with the service our celebrant provided.
2. The administrative and legal aspects of our ceremony were clearly explained and carried out professionally by our celebrant.
3. Our celebrant listened to us and understood our wishes for our ceremony.
4. We were happy with the quality of communication provided by our celebrant.
5. Our celebrant was knowledgable and offered us options and resources for our ceremony.
6. Our celebrant established a warm and respectful relationship with us.
7. We were happy with the way our celebrant conducted themselves on our wedding day.
If you would like to write a short testimonial, I'd be delighted to use this on my social media! Please include your name on the Client Feedback survey. (or you can email your testimonial to me separately if you'd like to keep this survey anonymous!)