Closing Comments & Presentation of the Married Couple

At this final stage of your ceremony, I always love to say some words of congratulations for you both.

This is also the ideal time for me to make any closing comments about what’s happening next. For example: group photos directly after the ceremony, or photos just with immediate family members, or where refreshments will be served. And if there is anything else you’d like included in the closing, now is the time to have this said!

And finally, I will introduce you as the newly married couple - you can be introduced using your first names, or ‘newly married couple’, Mr & Mr, Mr & Mrs, Mrs & Mrs - or anything you like!

The Walk Out

At the end of your ceremony you can walk back down the aisle together - this makes for an awesome photo! If you have a support gang, they’ll follow on after you. 

Some couples prefer to stay where they are and have their wedding guests come forward instead to congratulate them. 

Either way, at the end of your ceremony it’s always a good idea to have some awesome music pumping!!