“We cannot thank you enough for our beautiful ceremony.”

Davis & Michael / Private residence / Photo credit Brent Edwards


The NOIM Form

To legally kick everything off, you need to lodge a Notice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM form) with me at least one month before your wedding date. There's other paperwork we need to sign too - I'll go over this with you in person. 


“Kim was simply the best celebrant we could have ever hoped for. Her energy on the day made our small ceremony filled with joy and laughter.”

Marina + Luke / Melbourne Town Hall / Photo credit She Takes Pictures He Makes Films

Documents To Sight


"Super relaxed, light hearted and full of love!"

Lou + Shan / Fitzroy Gardens, East Melbourne / Photo credit Josie Lee Photography

I will sight your ID before the ceremony takes place. The easiest option is an Australian or overseas passport (though an original birth cert + photo ID are also fine) to our NOIM meeting. It's also ok for me to sight this another time, eg at the rehearsal or on your wedding day before the ceremony starts.

If either of you have previously married, you will need to bring with you the divorce paper or death certificate.

Ceremony Legals

We will include the following elements to make sure your ceremony is legal!

WITNESSES // You need two witnesses 18+ years to sign the paperwork.

INTRODUCTIONS // I’ll introduce myself as the celebrant, using my full name. Your full legal names must be said by either you or myself during the ceremony, before or during your vows.


"Thank you so very much for your incredible love, laughter and support on the day!!"

Steph + Pete / Glasshaus, Cremorne / Photo credit Daniel Milligan


VOWS // Marriage vows must be exchanged by both of you. You need to each say at least the minimum wording:

"I ask everyone here to witness that I, FULL FIRST NAME, take you, FULL FIRST NAME, to be my wedded wife/ husband/ partner in marriage."


THE MONITUM // This statement must be spoken by me at some stage before you exchange your vows:

"I am legally registered to solemnise marriages according to the law. Before you are joined in marriage, in my presence and in the presence of everyone here today, I am to remind you of the formal and permanent nature of the relationship into which you are now about to enter. Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of two people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life."