"You made the whole process so enjoyable & stress free."

Emily + Steven | Substation Newport | Photo credit It's Beautiful Here


So you've booked me and we are ready to get this show on the road! The process I take my couples on is relaxed, fun and personal. Chatting over coffee or wine in some of Melbourne's best bars and cafe's creates an ideal setting for us to get to know each other and plan a superb wedding ceremony. My time with you is unlimited so that you are feeling confident and happy with how things are shaping up.

Once a couple confirm they want to book me, I send through my Terms & Conditions and an invoice. Payment of the booking fee locks in your wedding date and confirms your agreement with my T&Cs, and we then go full steam ahead in creating a beautiful ceremony. Here's what you can expect over the coming weeks and months.


"You were happy for us to find our way, always there to provide support and direction when required."

Kelli + Tai | Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford | Photo credit Kas Richards


Meeting One 

If you've already booked me then this meet up is done and dusted! This was our initial meet & greet where you scoped me out and then decided I was the right fit for your wedding day. During this time we were already laying the foundations for a strong connection and happy vibes on your day. We will have gone over the paperwork including the NOIM form, my package inclusions and planning process. 


Meeting Two

We meet to sign the NOIM form over coffee or wine in the Brunswick or Carlton area. During this time I will sight your identification docs - current passports are the simplest option. You can bring an original birth certificate along with photo ID instead. As well as completing the paperwork we'll have a relaxed chat about how you want your ceremony to roll. After the meeting I'll spend the time needed to craft a personalised ceremony that is loved and remembered by you and your guests.


"Kim took the time to discuss with us what we really wanted from the ceremony."

Lauren + Berin | Medley Hall, Carlton | Photo credit Cast In Colour



This is entirely optional - most of my couples are pretty comfortable not having one but the option is there. I love rehearsals and am always thrilled to hang out with the about-to-wed couple one last time before their big day. The rehearsal is also when we sign the DONLIM form - this is explained to you during an earlier meeting. If you're not having a rehearsal then we just sign the DONLIM on the wedding day. 


The Big Day

Super exciting!! I will be there an hour early to set up the paperwork, my PA and to be a bubbly and happy presence as your guests arrive. I will present your ceremony with laughter, energy and a big heart full of love for you both. It's an amazing privilege, something I adore doing and I put a lot of personality and feeling into this. After your ceremony, I'll hang back out until it feels like the appropriate time to pack up my belongings, say my final congrats and goodbyes to you, deliver the commemorative marriage certificate to a parent, and then I am quietly gone, leaving you to party on with your family and friends.



"Although we wanted something relaxed we also still wanted a sense of importance to come through which she did so well."

Melissa + Brenden | Brown Brothers, Milawa | Photo Credit Kim Cartmell


"The planning of our ceremony with Kim was non-stressful, easy and fun."

Tanya + Daniel | Elwood Beach, Elwood | Photo credit Kim Cartmell