The first section of your ceremony has all the moments that lead up to the legal part (the second section!).

The Walk In 

The Walk In is one way to officially start the ceremony - one or both of you walk down the aisle, usually to music. You can walk by yourself, or with each other, or with a family member, or sibling…the possibilities are endless.

Any of these options can be preceded by people in your support gang (aka bridal party - if you’re having one) or even your pooch. I love dogs and they’re always welcome.

Once everyone has made their way down the aisle and found their respective spots to stand or sit, the two of you will stand together at the front. I usually stand to the side and can move around as needed - for eg, move to stand between you two for your vows if you want me to hold the mic. I’m also happy to stand between you for the whole shebang, but there are factors to consider here - we can talk through this during our planning catch up. 

I usually invite guests to stand for the walk in. Though if you’d prefer not to have this announcement, that is totally fine! Some photographers prefer this as it can be easier to get good shots. Just let me know what you’d like.

Welcome & Introductions *legal requirement

As a legal requirement I need to introduce myself to your guests as the celebrant for the wedding. And at some stage before you finish your vows, we your full names need to be said out loud. Our names can be mentioned in a relaxed little intro that also includes a welcome to the guests and heartfelt words of thanks to everyone for being there to share in the occasion. Or I can say only my name at the start, and save yours for during the Monitum or Vows. 

Think about whether you would like any of these additional lovely inclusions too at the start of your ceremony.  

Acknowledgement of the traditional land owners

Meaningful and simple acknowledgement that will kick off the whole ceremony. 

Thanking guests

This is a great opportunity to thank your family and friends for being there to cheer you on. You might also like to thank people who have gone the extra mile to be there on your big day. You can also specially thank your parents for their love and support over the years. 

Mentioning absent loved ones

Make a special mention of loved ones who were unable to be there. 

Short bit about the venue/location

A few sentences about why you’ve chosen this particular location and the significance of the place. 

Introduction of your support crew (aka bridal party)

This is a lovely way to thank your besties for being there for you. Also lets the guests know who is standing up there with you as often not everyone knows who everyone is.